Munich Beer Experience and Museum

The best stuff is brewing in Munich


The goal of our association is to create, design and build the Munich Beer World! Therefore, no specific location is yet identified, qualified or even officially aligned with all political, social and local stakeholders. We just began our journey towards the Munich Beer World.

The association welcomes a cross-party alliance for Munich's Beer also integrating all relevant beer and trade associations and local interest groups (e.g. Oktoberfest museum, traditional costume groups). Our goal is to build bridges and jointly create a new visitor attraction and regional beer trade exchange centre.

The journey towards success will be tough, but we are prepared to go extra miles and support all necessary steps towards opening the Munich Beer World. This includes in the immediate future winning public and prominent support and ensuring public involvement in location identification. Next steps are public architects competition and a flawless building approval process. 


Our requirements for a future location of Munich's Beer World include:


  • A location close to or within the city centre 
  • Possibly historic grounds of Munich's beer development
  • In best case in vicinity to the site of the Oktoberfest to emphasize the many historic interconnections

We invite all stakeholders to join forces. The future Beer World Munich could be THE new meeting point for infotainment, education, cultural exchange and trade experts around Munich's Beer. Let's make it happen! 


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